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Does A Nose Job Change Over Time?

Located in the middle of our face, our nose is part of our anatomy that is simply impossible to hide if you are less than happy with the way that it looks. The shape, size and overall appearance of our nose is largely determined by genetics, but later on can be affected by problems such as illness or trauma. Even losing a large amount of weight can suddenly make your nose seem unnaturally out of proportion compared to your slimmer face.

Feeling unhappy with an aspect of our appearance can have a devastating effect on our confidence and self-esteem. In severe cases, isolation and depression may occur, which can impact both personal relationships and careers.

Since the nose is so difficult to hide, perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that many people who are less than satisfied with this feature are turning to cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, can alter various aspects of the nose including the:

-         size of the nose

-         shape of the tip of the nose

-         size and shape of the nostrils

-         straightness of the nose

-         positioning of the nose on the face

Patients who have opted for rhinoplasty surgery find that within a few days of their procedure, their nose is much attractive and in better proportion with their other features and the shape of their face. However, if you opt for a nose job then our cosmetic surgeon should also prepare you for how your nose might change over time.

Why does a nose changed through rhinoplasty change over time?

Before you start to panic, let’s just clear one thing up. The changes that will happen over the days, weeks and months after your nose job are a direct result of the healing process. These will continue to improve and enhance the appearance of your nose so that, once it stops evolving it will almost certainly look better than you ever anticipated.

Initially your nose will almost certainly be very swollen, and it will be impossible to see the outcome from your surgery. Swelling, bruising and some discomfort at this stage is normal. Within a week the inflammation will have subsided enough to see the basic shape of your new nose, and within a month the most obvious changes are evident. However, most cosmetic surgeons agree that it can take around six months for the full effect of our procedure to really become visible and your nose to have full symmetry and definition.

Age-related changes to your nose

It is important to understand that age-related changes will affect your nose as time passes too. This is because the nose is made primarily from cartilage rather than bone, and cartilage, along with skin and soft tissues, undergoes subtle changes over the years. This means that in almost all cases, a patient’s nose will continue to grow throughout their adult life. This is something that your chosen cosmetic surgeon should take into account when planning and executing your rhinoplasty surgery.

If you would like to know more about changes to your nose after rhinoplasty surgery, our highly experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic surgery team would be delighted to assist you. Please contact our offices in pop down and see us.