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Nose Job Failures And How To Fix Them

Picking an experienced, reputable cosmetic surgeon for any enhancement procedure is essential, but this is especially the case for rhinoplasty surgery. Unfortunately, not all nose jobs go to plan and understandably, a failed rhinoplasty can cause a great deal of distress. Not only has the patient spent a considerable amount of money to make the desired changes to the appearance of their nose, but they have also gone through the physical and emotional trauma attached to any cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to live with the effects of a nose job that hasn’t delivered the results that you are hoping for.

Whether it is because of a failed procedure or because they are dissatisfied with the results, it is estimated that as many as 15% of rhinoplasty patients seek revision surgery down the line. Unfortunately, revision surgery is often more complex than the initial rhinoplasty since your surgeon has to work around scar tissue and take into account the higher rate of complications that occur with each subsequent procedure. Nevertheless, it is possible for patients to achieve a cosmetic enhancement that improves the appearance of their nose and enables them to feel more confident about the way that they look.

Common nose job failures

There are predominantly four different reasons why a patient might seek revision rhinoplasty. These are as follows:

- The initial rhinoplasty does not flatter and complement the patient’s face.
- The nose hasn’t healed as expected.
- The nose has healed well cosmetically, but not functionally. As a result, the patient might be experiencing breathing problems or issues such as sleep apnea.
- The patient experienced nasal trauma during the initial rhinoplasty healing process.

It is important to note that in many cases, a rhinoplasty revision procedure purely involves a few minor ‘tweaks’ to the results of the first surgery, rather than completely readdressing the appearance of the nose.

What can be done to fix my botched nose?

If you feel that your nose job has been botched or your original rhinoplasty surgeon has not fulfilled the cosmetic improvements that you were led to believe were possible, revision surgery may be a very real possibility. However, in order to determine exactly what can be done to help you, you will need to attend a consultation with your new, experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon so you can explain what you are unhappy about from your initial surgery and what you are hoping to achieve. Your new surgeon will undertake a physical examination of your nose to determine what changes are possible and will explain to you the physical and emotional benefits of going ahead with your rhinoplasty procedure. You should also be shown an illustration of what you can expect your new nose to look like.

In addition to revision rhinoplasty, many cosmetic surgeons are also advocating the use of temporary fillers which can correct any minor irregularities. These temporary fillers are injected into the skin around the nose and are typically made from hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring, FDA-approved product that can plump the skin, thus decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, such as those that form between the nose and the corners of the mouth (the nasolabial folds).

If you have previously undergone rhinoplasty surgery and are unhappy with the results of your procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our offices where our experienced team of professionals will be delighted to schedule you an appointment to see if revision surgery to fix your nose is a suitable option.